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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ups and Downs of Mid-Atlantic Storm Week

Sue says: Some 200,000 in the power district in which we live are without power after two storms which toppled heavy branches and snapped entire trees off in several East Coast states. The daytime temps have been in the 90s (30s for Centigrade friends). A large number of us had our cell phone and internet service go off as well. Many are removing rubble from their roofs and yards. The sound of the chain saw is a common one. In the neighborhoods without power, that sound is absent.

When the first storm hit, we were housesitting the home with the chickens. That house was unscathed, at least by falling limbs. But the house next to it was hit by a downed pine bough that damaged the next-door  roof.

Now we're living in our second house-sit. It's been without power for five days. Ice is hard to find to keep things in the fridge and freezer cold. We're eating up what might spoil. This second house comes with a poor old Lab that has urinary problems. She welcomes us to the house every time we return, though. There's something cheery about a welcome when one has been without one's own place for a year.    
We're moving a few of our things into a third house, one we'll rent for a while. This one has power! It's a house that's been seldom-used for some twenty years, but it's furnished. 
The kitchen has some spices, staples, and textiles stocked! We were able to clean our clothes in the new front-loader washer and drier.   
For the next week, we'll clean up in the yard and use the power for short times at the rental house. Then we'll return to our happy Lab and powerless house-sit.

Today the principal of a private school will interview us. A bus-driving company called Jeff for an interview too. It's pleasant to have choices!