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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Missions Conference Committee Holds Initial Meeting

Sue says:

What a glad day! Today, with one faculty representative from Washington Bible College and another from Capital Bible Seminary, we began to plan the March 2012 missions conference. 

It is exciting that students, faculty and staff are volunteering ideas and help. Next week, we hope to have some students join us to pick a theme and a speaker and to discuss a few more items.

It has been a couple years since a three-day missions conference has been held on our campus. We look forward to hosting a number of representatives with displays from Christian missions agencies. Diverse worship music, international food, exposure trips, and break-out sessions are in the planning stage to inspire Christians to catch an expanded vision of our great God and to take the news of God's love to others.   

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Serving the College and Seminary

Sue says:
There are varied ways we serve the Bible college and seminary here in Maryland. This week I was able to join with employees and volunteers to collate, stamp, stuff and otherwise ready a newsletter to twenty-three hundred alumni who don't receive these by email. We pray alumni will join us in praising God for the many things that have gone well at the beginning of this new college year. Also, we ask them to help in making up a deficit here.

Testing to determine the cause of Jeff's headaches showed nothing unusual. However, the garlic and prayers have been a help. His headaches are much reduced. We thank the Lord. Jeff says he is able to concentrate on his studies much better when he doesn't have to battle a headache.   

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Building Bridges

Sue says:
Jeff was able to speak in chapel this week about how important it was to build bridges to the cultures of the people of Papua New Guinea to be able to understand their frame of reference better as we served in that country. The exercise continues as he and I teach in the missions class, eat meals with the students in the cafeteria and at our home, and hang out with the students in the student center. Back in the US now, we are being stretched as we attempt to build bridges to our students and family in response to the way culture has changed at home in our absence on the mission field.

It's a comfort to be able to talk to family members more on the telephone and just to remember the names of the birds that gather at our bird feeder. Years ago we taught our kids the names of these birds. (Who can name them? See below for the answers.) Remembering the birds' names brings back happy memories of those times.

(Answers: On the ground are three cardinals of different ages and sexes and a dove. On the feeder above is a chickadee and on the tree [in a head down silhouette] is a nuthatch.) 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Remembering Names

Sue says:

The Lord is blessing us with lots of students to get to know. The thing is, the second time we see them, we fail to match their faces with their names: Roland, Alina, Barrington, Sedeka, Richard, Shauntika, Bigs, Jin Mi, Jonvere, Alison... We pray we'll be able to put names with faces so we can grow in relationship with the students.

In other news, some of you have asked if it is still wet here. In answer, observe the orange mushrooms above. They are growing in the woods outside our apartment. Maryland has been drying out after two major rainy periods that caused local flooding. But the good news is that the temperature is forecast to drop tonight--into the 40s (8 C)  by night and into the 60s (15 C) for a high tomorrow. After not experiencing autumn for several years (because of living in the tropics), we look forward to seeing the fall leaves change color.

Other good news is Jeff's headaches are improved some. He's eating raw garlic to kill any extra things growing in his gut. Would that help headaches?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Headache Remedy

Sue says:

Jeff has been having migraine headaches. This week, the doctor has ordered some tests to find out what the trouble is. Please pray with us that the problem will be pinpointed and eliminated.

In other news, we are glad to report that, on examination by an expert, it was discovered that the recent Virginia-based earthquake didn't cause structural damage to the college library or chapel as feared. The two buildings are now open for usage.  

Friday, September 2, 2011

Convocation Chapel Held

Sue says:
This week the college and seminary met together to worship the Lord. The faculty and administrators wore their academic robes, and it was a time of  asking God to bless the coming year of study. The acting president led a devotion from the life of Gideon. Though Gideon wasn't brave naturally, God empowered him to be a leader. We at this Bible college and seminary need to trust God despite our fears too. You can see Jeff above giving the benedictiion.

Our Intercultural Studies class is up to 14 members this week. At the second meeting of the missions club five new students came to make a lively interaction about mission experiences.We thank the Lord we're getting introduced to more students.