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Friday, February 24, 2012

Missions Conference Coming Up

Sue says:
The Lord is providing missionaries who want to attend the March 6-8 missions conference at our Bible college and seminary. Fifty-two people are signed up to represent their mission organizations and to lead workshops on a broad range of topics. Students and graduates are pitching in to help. Look at the great poster (above)! A graduate put it together for us. It illustrates the theme, "Let the children come to Me (Jesus)."  

Please join us in prayer that the background preparation and the up-front presentations will expand the vision of attendees. Our majestic God wants all people to know Himself.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crocuses Herald Spring

Sue says:
A few brave crocuses are poking their heads up in the wintry landscape, trying to rally our hope that spring will indeed come back. Snow is predicted for for Sunday, though. Will those precious little flowers be able to brave the weather?

Inside, the temperature is nicer, and our Valentine hyacinths are blooming. Wish you could share their delicious smell.

These thoughts of something good coming soon remind me of the missions conference which will convene in two-and-a-half weeks. We are looking forward to the good things the Holy Spirit wants to do in our midst at that time. Fifty missionaries are confirmed to participate in different capacities. Plans are moving along with publicity materials now. We are so thankful a WBC grad is laying out posters and other visuals to spread the news. A few more volunteers are still needed. We wait with expectancy for the big event. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Women's Fellowship

Sue says:
The building we live in has a mixture of employees of the college or seminary and students, marrieds and singles. Perhaps even more than the dorms, folks are in and out so much that they don't get to know their neighbors. One wife was new at the beginning of the school year and another one or two from the start of second semester. Because they work off campus and don't study, they have little opportunity to make connections with others. A number are newlyweds.

So, I thought it would be meaningful to gather weekly for fellowship time: sharing a scriptural idea or a testimony, praying for each other, laughing together, or building friendships other ways. Last semester the idea was slow to develop, but it seems to be taking hold now. We hope others will join us as well.

This week, I think we'll bake together. Most of the women live in efficiency apartments with just a hot-plate to cook on. A couple of them said they have never baked and would be interested in someone showing them how to do that. Shall we bake peanut butter cookies with nice chocolate kisses on top? It sounds like a winner in Valentine's week.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wednesday Morning Class Picture

Sue says:
The Wednesday morning class (above) is Intercultural Studies. It's a bonus to have students from different cultures to share their perspectives. Several have been on short-term missions trips, and they can add to our understanding of various people groups. Having taught this course last semester, Jeff has a good grasp of where he wants to go with it. Students learn about other cultures from case studies from around the world. I will mark those assignments for their cultural sensitivity and biblical agreement.